Vegan Baklava with Walnut

Vegan Baklava with Walnut

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Vegan Baklava with Walnut

Another first from us; our pistachio vegan baklava is out! You must try it right away. 

Our production line and staff produce our vegan line in a completely seperate area.

We use completely separate service equipment.(Tray, Spatula, Knife etc.)

We use diabetic flour, soy milk and olive oil.

No item or produce we use in our vegan line ever comes into contact with animal products.

Our vegan range baklavas are made with soy milk, diabetic flour, sugar beet and olive oil.

All produce used in our vegan range have a separate production area within our company and also a separate depo area as well.

All of our staff have been thoroughly trained in the vegan dietary guidelines and food production guidelines.


Ingredients: Diabetic flour, soy milk, pistachio, walnut, olive oil, beet sugar, salt.

Allergen Information: This range follows the gluten free and soy milk guide lines; includes walnut and pistachio

Shelf life is 15 days, please keep in cool and dry place. 

We recommend you warm up your baklava before you consume it.